Immediate Positions

01. Forum and WordPress Developers

  • Forum Development
  • Javascript
  • Web Security
  • Forum Moderation
  • Rank based ICO Banking System?
  • CSS / XML / Python
  • Email Service Expert
  • Program Design and Development

02. Software Developer

  • Visual Programming
  • C++, C#, Java,  Python
  • Mathematical Modeling Software
  • Strong Math Skills
  • Graphical User Interface Developer
  • Network Engineer
  • Supercomputing, Data Aq, & Analyst
  • Strong Foundation in Matrix Mechanics

03. Media/PR Planner/Organizer

  • Are you a good with personal interactions?
  • Contact and arrange guests for Podcasts
  • Plan and send invitations for current events
  • Moderate live Q&A chat feeds, and ask questions
  • Coordinate and Schedule Meetings
  • Office / Secretary Worker
  • Information Officer
  • Starship Ambassador
Computer Science Division
Computer Programming and web development team

Software and hardware development teams will be needed to design and build a series of supercomputers which will run the PhOENIX simulation software we are developing. We will also need computer lab technicians to assist with data acquisition and analysis, as well as keeping organized databases.

The Simulated Universe Lab is the highest programming position within the company, because it literally gives you access to the bare essential source code for PhOENIX. The Source Code will run on a supercomputer starting with a large but finite number of vertices which all start in the least probable (or fully entangled) state. We want to observe what happens to the system over many iterations until we get something that resembles the big bang. We also want to build programs which use PhOENIX for practical Quantum Physics calculations and modeling.

The Video Science Journal Project, is a revolution in the way that Scientific “Papers” are written, published, and peer reviewed. It’s 2018 and Science is quickly moving into the future. It’s time that we put old Gutenberg to rest and go paperless. In fact, its time to step beyond the idea of words and equations on paper, and moved to a different communication medium altogether. The Lab Notebook now has a trusty sidekick called a video camera and some video production software. In fact it might be a good idea to borrow equation editing and paper writing tools like Lyx and LaTeX, and convert them for use in some type of video story-boarding program specifically for video editing. YouTube Channels like Numberphile and PBSSpaceTime, gave me the idea for this and I really think that its the future.

We need a forum where people who are interested in helping this project can discuss and contribute knowledge and information. I want it to also be connected to our own Crypto ICO $ which uses block chain tech to link it with our forum so people gain voting power based on how many tokens they have, and people can get paid with tokens for posting important information and doing things which contribute to the overall wealth of the company.

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