Experiment 1

Levitating a silicate block using an induced antimatter shield or “Dirac Hole” surface.

This experiment is #1 on our list because A. It’s never been attempted before. B. It’s relatively easy and inexpensive. & C. It has readily patentable and highly profitable applications which can immediately be leased to industry and used to fund further experiments and launch the next phase of the company.

Experiment 2

Replicating the Podkletnov Experiment – a continuation of Project GRASP

In collaboration with Jake Helvey of FrontierGravity.com, and Frank Znidarsic. We will be focusing on Giovanni Modanese and Martin Tajmar’s work into the nature of anomalous effects observed in rotating superconductors. Including but not limited to the Impulse Gravity Generator experiment.

Experiment 3

Electrogravity: Testing the BieFeld Brown effect inside of a vacuum chamber.

We will be producing the experiments of others like Jean Louis Naudin. Doing accurate quantitative measurements for the delta-V or lift coefficient for these type of (suspected ion-wind) lifters.

Experiment 4

Testing the NASA Em-Drive, and RF resonant cavity thruster technology

Experiment 5

Project Skyvault: Testing microwave and beam propulsion technologies.

Including but not limited to, metamaterial resonance cavity thrusters, Microwave Phase Conjugation Technology, microwave laser pulse ion-blast propulsion, etc.

Experiment 6

Xerum 525, and the Die Glocke reproduction experiments

Experimenting with Mercury Amalgams and Plasmas to seek an accurate formulation of Xerum 525. Attempting to replicate or built a mercury plasma vortex drive.

Experiment 7

Antimatter production and confinement technology experiments.

Experiment 8

Active invisibility cloaking

Experiments with artificially generated mirage effects which can be used to cloak or hide objects from sight. 

Experiment 9

Passive invisibility cloaking

Experiments with metamaterials and vertex mapping as a method for hiding objects from certain frequency bands.

Experiment 10

RAP – Rapid Atomic Printer

Methods and techniques allowing for the construction of a rapid atomic 3D printer, which can print structures atom by atom, at a highly accelerated rate.

Experiment 11

Portals, Wormholes, Star Gates, and Teleporter Technology

We are looking into way to entangle entirely separate regions of space to the point where you can open small portals or wormholes across distances of space… Still highly speculative, but it’s something we are looking into and have some small scale experiments we’d like to try. Scientists have already teleported light. We want to teleport macroscopic matter.

…Plus Many, many more experiments to come! We want to establish a secondary testing and verification laboratory to keep other groups out there in check and replicate their experiments for legitimate science purposes. A publicly funded outreach & education program to teach the public more about these newly emerging technologies.

Experiment 12

Quantum Computers within nuclei

Nuclear Quantum Computers.