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Right now at the ground level is the best possible time to invest in a small start-up of this type of potential. The types of experiments we want to start off with have never been attempted before. They are relatively easy and inexpensive, and they have readily patent-able and highly profitable applications which can immediately be leased to industry and used to fund further experiments and launch the next phase of the company.

Imagine if you could go back in time and directly partner with the Wright Brothers, or Nikola Tesla, or and other number of entrepreneurs who took cutting edge science of the time and transformed it into technologies that would completely change the world forever?

As this company expands and grows, we will be looking for talented, like-minded individuals to join our team and begin working to take this company all the way to the top. Send us your resume by email, or link up with us through the contact form. Tell us who you are and why we’d want you on our team.

We are also looking to partner with Universities or Institutions who already have established laboratory research facilities, where we can work together to perform experiments to test the limits and predictions of the theory and use these to develop new technologies for the benefit of humanity.

We have temporarily disabled donations…
We will be holding a LiveStream on Saturday March 24, 2018 at 11pm EST to discuss the current state and future of Hover Brothers LLC.

On March 9, 2018 we reach the $10,000 mark on total donations received. Of that money we spent a total of $1,000 (to purchase a new laptop, some software, and some audio equipment). The rest we are saving for travel expenses, and other company related expenses as they arise.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable or uncertain about your donation, please send an email to with REFUND in the Subject line, and we will be happy to return your donation.

All donations I have ever received through Paypal since even before Hover Brothers, will be transferred into company stocks in HoverBrothers LLC (or any other company I form) once PhOENIX Warp through disentanglement is proven and a company is formed around some preliminary patents related to these new technologies. Your early support will not be forgotten, and you will see the results of your investment by the end of the year for sure.


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