Everywhere in mainstream physics, we see an evolving consensus on gravity’s connection with quantum entanglement. It is now becoming apparent that control over gravity will soon be within our grasp, once we fully understand the physics of how and why the network of space time is constructed through quantum entanglement.

Through an understanding of quantum entanglement and it’s relation to anti-matter, and particle/anti-particle pairs which can be generated through various techniques (such as vacuum polarization), we have discovered a basis for how to actually produce the warp bubbles predicted by the Alcubierre-White Warp Drive theory.

Not far in the future Quantum Entanglement, will soon unlock new insights into the true nature of gravity, and possibly a new method of overcoming its grasp with the potential to propel us far across the galaxy.

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Project Hover is the pursuit of Warp-Drive technology, and the road to warp-space is paved with antimatter. Using PHOENIX Theory, we intend to completely reshape the world of physics with a whole new understanding of the true nature of Gravity, and develop revolutionary technologies in the process.

What is Space Time, Really?

…and what is anti-matter? We believe these questions are the key to unlocking the secrets of gravity and anti-gravity, by using anti-matter, or a “Polarized Vacuum” approach to generating warp bubbles and warp plasmas.


Project Skyvault incorporates research into Microwave Beam Propulsion Technologies such as Microwave Phase Conjugation, Metamaterials hyper resonance, Ion-Beam drives, Ion Wind propulsion, Onion Drives, and other beam or particle-based propulsion technologies including RF Resonant Cavity Thrusters.

Quantum Gravity & Entanglement

If quantum entanglement holds the key to quantum gravity, the best way to test that theory is to shut off quantum entanglement and see what happens to gravity. And that’s exactly what we are planning to do, and we now have a working theoretical basis on which to build and achieve it.

Topology & Combinatorics

The Universe, its spacetime fabric and its matter content, is tied together by basic vertex combinations that evolve through their web of entangled information exchanges. Since PhOENIX decodes the evolution of entanglement, gravity can thereby be reduced or enhanced, turned-on or turned-off through technology.

A New Way of doing Particle Physics

What if particles were simply bundles of connected and entangled vertices, which could explain all of particle physics by a series of set matching rules and combinations/permutation? And what if this theory made incredible predictions that could lead to breakthrough technologies? Would you test? Invest?

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Hover Brothers is an open-source gravity research community dedicated to compiling state of the art information and current research related to the fields of Gravity, Quantum Entanglement, and Anti-Matter with the hopes of one day solving one of the greatest mysteries of modern science.


Focus Issue: Entanglement and Quantum Gravity

Focus issue: Entanglement and quantum gravity (Iopscience) Source: http://www.nature.com/news/the-quantum-source-of-space-time-1.18797 Guest editors Eugenio Bianchi Carlo Rovelli Recent years have seen a flourishing…


How Spacetime is Built by Quantum Entanglement

How spacetime is built by quantum entanglement Source: https://phys.org/news/2015-05-spacetime-built-quantum-entanglement.html  May 27, 2015 The mathematical formula derived by Ooguri and his collaborators…


Quantum Gravity’s Time Problem

Quantum Gravity’s Time Problem https://www.quantamagazine.org/QUANTUM-GRAVITYS-TIME-PROBLEM-20161201/ The effort to unify quantum mechanics and general relativity means reconciling totally different notions of…

Pioneering the future of flight
Ken Griggs


Ken has a Masters Degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Maryland (2007) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering and Physics from Princeton University (1991). He is the inventor of PhOENIX, the Physics of Entanglement, Networks and Information eXchanges.

Jeremy Rys


Jeremy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics with a minor in Mathematics from Bridgewater State Universtity, and has been actively studying advanced theoretical physics and emerging technologies in his pursuit of anti-gravity and warp drive technologies over the past 15 years.

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The PhOENIX Project Agenda

Phase 1: Disclosure: Sharing information about PhOENIX Theory with the
public and scientific community while raising awareness and funding for experiments
designed to investigate Quantum Engtanglement’s relationship with gravity.

Phase 2:
Perform, Document, and Share results of our experiments publicly
Use these results to file patents on new technologies which we can then lease to Industry.

Phase 3:
Hover Brothers Industries – With that initial Proof of Concept
and the revenue from those patents, we can fund an Aerospace division
and begin production and manufacturing of actual craft.

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